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Wiki Lexicon of the Greek New Testament

SELECT v2.document_cd, v2.sort_order, v2.forum_tag, v2.book_cd, v2.chapter, v2.iverse, v2.subverse, v2.base_forum_tag, group_concat(if(v2.interlin_translation is null, v2.word_utf8, concat( "<span class=\"interlinear\"><span onclick=\"element = this.nextSibling; = 'block'; return false;\">", if(find_in_set(v2.word_utf8, v2.highlight_list), concat("<span class=\"highlight\">", v2.word_utf8, "</span>"), v2.word_utf8), "</span><span class=\"shadow\"><span class=\"popup\"> <span xml:lang=\"en\" lang=\"en\">", "[<a href=\"", word_utf8, "\">lexicon</a>][<a href=\"", word_utf8, "\">inflect</a>][<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"element = this.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode; = 'none'; return false;\">close</a>]<br />", pos_ext, "</span><br />", lexical_long_name_ext, "<br />", v2.uncontracted_word, "<br /><span xml:lang=\"en\" lang=\"en\">", v2.parse, "<br />", v2.definition, "</span></span></span>", "</span>" )) order by v2.position separator " ") AS text, v2.highlight_list, v2.wiki_translation, v2.commentary_html FROM ( SELECT w2.document_cd, v1.sort_order, v1.forum_tag, v1.book_cd, v1.chapter, v1.iverse, v1.subverse, v1.base_forum_tag, v1.highlight_list, v1.translation as wiki_translation, v1.commentary_html, w2.position, normalized.word_utf8, cast(group_concat(concat( vwi.lexical_long_name_lex, case when vwi.lexical_name_ext is null then "" when left(vwi.lexical_name_ext, 1) = "," then vwi.lexical_name_ext else concat(" (", vwi.lexical_name_ext, ")") end, ifnull(dpp.principal_parts_list, "") ) order by vwi.pos_sort_num separator "; ") as char) AS lexical_long_name_ext, group_concat(binary case vwi.pos_sort_num when 8 then "Verb, Participle" when 9 then "Participle" else dpp.pos_ext end order by vwi.pos_sort_num separator "; ") AS pos_ext, #"binary" appears to be necessary for dpp.pos_ext, but not vwi.pos_ext; vwi.pos_ext differentiates verbs and participles; dpp.pos_ext can be updated dynamically group_concat(vwi.uncontracted_word_list order by vwi.pos_sort_num separator "; ") AS uncontracted_word, group_concat(vwi.parse_list order by vwi.pos_sort_num separator "; ") AS parse, group_concat( binary #group_concat order-by goes kablooey with "dynamic" text if group_concat_max_len > 21844 and charset = utf8, therefore convert to binary (or latin1) trim(concat(vwi.safe_formatted_user_definition, " ", ifnull(vwi.safe_definition_long, ""))) order by vwi.pos_sort_num separator "; ") AS definition, group_concat( binary #group_concat order-by goes kablooey with "dynamic" text if group_concat_max_len > 21844 and charset = utf8, therefore convert to binary (or latin1) vwi.safe_interlinear_translation order by vwi.pos_sort_num separator "; ") AS interlin_translation FROM ((( SELECT orig.document_cd , b.sort_order , w.forum_tag , w.book_cd , w.chapter , w.iverse , w.subverse , if(locate("-", dn.maps_to_subverse), concat(dn.maps_to_book_cd, " ", dn.maps_to_chapter, ":", dn.maps_to_subverse), concat(base.book_cd, " ", base.chapter, ":", base.subverse)) AS base_forum_tag , replace(ifnull(orig.modified_html, ""), "class=\"annotate\"", "class=\"annotate\" xml:lang=\"en\" lang=\"en\"") AS text , group_concat(n.word_utf8 separator ",") AS highlight_list #, group_concat(n.word_utf8 separator "~") AS highlight_list #replace( # ifnull(vwt.user_html, ""), # "<a href=\"#N", concat("<a onclick=\"winopen(this); return false\" title=\"\" href=\"", b.webhtm_cd, ".htm#N") #) AS translation #, ifnull(vwt.user_html, base.normalized_xml) AS translation , ifnull(vwt.user_html, ifnull(( SELECT group_concat(concat("(", base.iverse, ") ", base.normalized_xml) separator " ") FROM kata_text.eng_webhtm_verses AS base WHERE locate("-", dn.maps_to_subverse) and (base.book_cd, base.chapter) = (dn.maps_to_book_cd, dn.maps_to_chapter) and base.iverse >= floor(left(dn.maps_to_subverse, locate("-", dn.maps_to_subverse) -1)) and base.iverse <= floor(mid(dn.maps_to_subverse, locate("-", dn.maps_to_subverse) + 1)) ), base.normalized_xml)) AS translation, if(vwt.tid is null, null, (SELECT group_concat(concat("<sup>", y.reference_mark, "</sup> ", cast(y.user_html as binary)) order by y.reference_mark separator "\t") FROM kata_wiki.wiki_translations_commentary AS y WHERE y.tid = vwt.tid GROUP BY y.tid) ) AS commentary_html #Schenkl (1894, 1916) [Epicteti dissertationes ab Arriano digestae. ed. Heinrich Schenkl, Leipzig 1894/1916] /*, b1.source_nm_i18n AS source_nm_i18n , b1.source_nm_lang AS source_nm_lang , ifnull(b1.source_long_nm_i18n, b1.source_nm_i18n) AS source_long_nm_i18n , ifnull(b1.source_long_nm_lang, b1.source_nm_lang) AS source_long_nm_lang , b1.source_href*/ FROM ( kata_lexicon.grc_dictionary_stems AS ds, kata_lexicon.grc_lexicon AS l1, kata_text.grc_robinson_normalized_words AS n #e.g., kata_text.robinson_normalized_words , kata_text.grc_robinson_words AS w #e.g., kata_text.robinson_modified_words , kata_text.grc_robinson_verses AS orig #e.g., kata_text.robinson_modified_text , kata_system.document_books b use index (i_book_doc_sort)) LEFT JOIN kata_lexicon.grc_look_alike_words AS law ON law.look_alike_word = binary n.word_utf8 #GNT = n.normalized_word, LXX = n.word_utf8 #AND law.strict_id < 0 #no filtering (e.g., do not differentiate ὁ and ὅ) AND law.strict_id = 0 #least strict (e.g., differentiate ὁ and ὅ; but do not differentiate φίλων[n.] and φιλῶν[v.]) #AND law.strict_id < 2 #more strict (e.g., differentiate φίλων[n.] and φιλῶν[v.]) LEFT JOIN kata_wiki.view_wiki_translations_verse AS vwt ON (vwt.book_cd, vwt.chapter, vwt.iverse, vwt.subverse, vwt.wiki_translation_cd) = (w.book_cd, w.chapter, w.iverse, w.subverse, ?) LEFT JOIN kata_system.document_normalization AS dn use index (i_maps_to) on = (SELECT ifnull(max(if(dn2.iverse is null, null,, ifnull(max(if(dn2.chapter is null, null,, FROM kata_system.document_normalization dn2 WHERE (dn2.orig_document_cd, dn2.base_document_cd, dn2.book_cd, ifnull(dn2.chapter, w.chapter), ifnull(dn2.iverse, w.iverse), ifnull(dn2.subverse, w.subverse)) = (orig.document_cd, "bible-web", w.book_cd, w.chapter, w.iverse, w.subverse)) LEFT JOIN kata_text.eng_webhtm_verses AS base on (base.book_cd, base.chapter, base.iverse, base.subverse) = (ifnull(dn.maps_to_book_cd, w.book_cd), ifnull(dn.maps_to_chapter, w.chapter), ifnull(dn.maps_to_iverse, w.iverse) + ifnull(dn.adjustment, 0), if(dn.adjustment is null or dn.adjustment = 0, ifnull(dn.maps_to_subverse, w.subverse), base.subverse)) WHERE (ds.search_key, binary ds.search_key) = (?, ?) AND ds.alias = ds.sub_lemma AND l1.super_lemma = ds.super_lemma AND (n.base_word #, binary n.base_word # = (l1.inflected_word, binary l1.inflected_word) AND l1.super_lemma = ifnull(law.super_lemma, l1.super_lemma) and (1=? or kata_system.func_match_diacritics(?, n.decomposed_word, n.base_word # #1=1 ignores diacritics; 1=0 triggers func_match_diacritics() AND w.word_utf8 = n.word_utf8 AND (w.book_cd, w.chapter) = (?, ?) and elt(1, 1, ?, ?, ?) and w.subverse = ? and elt(1, 1, ?) AND (orig.book_cd, orig.chapter, orig.iverse, orig.subverse) = (w.book_cd, w.chapter, w.iverse, w.subverse) AND (b.book_cd, b.document_cd) = (orig.book_cd, orig.document_cd) GROUP BY w.book_cd, w.chapter, w.iverse, w.subverse #, orig.modified_html ORDER BY b.sort_order, w.chapter, w.iverse, w.subverse ) AS v1 , kata_text.grc_robinson_words AS w2 #e.g., kata_text.robinson_modified_words , kata_text.grc_robinson_normalized_words AS normalized #e.g., kata_text.robinson_normalized_words , kata_system.documents AS d) # ***LOOK-ALIKES*** LEFT JOIN kata_lexicon.grc_look_alike_words AS law ON law.look_alike_word = binary normalized.normalized_word #AND law.strict_id < 0 #no filtering (e.g., do not differentiate ὁ and ὅ) AND law.strict_id = 0 #least strict (e.g., differentiate ὁ and ὅ; but do not differentiate φίλων[n.] and φιλῶν[v.]) #AND law.strict_id < 2 #more strict (e.g., differentiate φίλων[n.] and φιλῶν[v.]) # ***INTERLINEAR DEFINITIONS*** LEFT JOIN kata_lexicon.view_wiki_interlinear AS vwi ON (vwi.inflected_word, binary vwi.inflected_word) = (normalized.base_word # collate utf8_general_ci, binary normalized.base_word # #collate necessary in order to not blow up when joining to heb_westminster_normalized_words AND (vwi.unsubscripted_fl = "N" OR vwi.unsubscripted_fl = d.grc_unsubscripted_fl) #controls whether θύραι matches both θύραι and θύρᾳ AND vwi.super_lemma = ifnull(law.super_lemma, vwi.super_lemma)) LEFT JOIN kata_lexicon.grc_dictionary_posx_pparts AS dpp ON dpp.super_lemma = vwi.super_lemma WHERE (w2.book_cd, w2.chapter, w2.iverse, w2.subverse) = (v1.book_cd, v1.chapter, v1.iverse, v1.subverse) AND normalized.word_utf8 = w2.word_utf8 AND d.document_cd = w2.document_cd GROUP BY v1.book_cd, v1.chapter, v1.iverse, v1.subverse, w2.position ) AS v2 GROUP BY v2.book_cd, v2.chapter, v2.iverse, v2.subverse ORDER BY v2.sort_order, v2.chapter, v2.iverse, v2.subverse

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