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εξαιρεω • EXAIREW ECAIREW • exaireō

ἐξ·αιρέω (εξ+αιρ(ε)-, εξ+ελ(ε)·[σ]-, εξ+ελ·[σ]- or 2nd εξ+ελ-, -, εξ+ῃρη-, εξ+αιρε·θ-)



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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


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Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐξαιρούμενόςἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·ομεν·οςpres mp ptcp mas nom sgwhile being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT (nom)Acts 26:17
ἐξειλάμηνἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]αμην1aor mp ind 1st sgI-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 23:27
ἐξείλατοἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]ατο1aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 7:10
ἐξείλατόἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]ατο1aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 12:11
ἐξείλετοἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·ετο2aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 7:10
ἐξείλετόἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·ετο2aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 12:11
ἐξειλόμηνἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·ομην2aor mp ind 1st sgI-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 23:27
ἔξελεἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·ε2aor act imp 2nd sgdo-RESCUE/TAKE-you(sg)-OUT!Mt 5:29, Mt 18:9
ἐξελέσθαιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·εσθαι2aor mp infto-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTActs 7:34
ἐξέληταιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·[σ]ηται, εξ·ελ·ηται1aor mp sub 3rd sg, 2aor mp sub 3rd sghe/she/it-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTGal 1:4

Inflections: 10
Total occurrences: 11

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐξαιρεθήσεταιἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρε·θησεταιfut θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTQoh 7:26
ἐξαίρειἐξαίρω or ἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ·ει; εξ·αιρ(ε)·ει, εξ·αιρ(ε)·εpres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classical; pres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classical, pres act imp 2nd sghe/she/it-is-REMOVE-ing, you(sg)-are-being-REMOVE-ed (classical); he/she/it-is-RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT, you(sg)-are-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT (classical), be-you(sg)-RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT!Dt 16:19, Sir 37:7
ἐξαίρεινἐξαίρω or ἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ·ειν; εξ·αιρ(ε)·εινpres act infto-be-REMOVE-ing; to-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUTNm 1:51, Nm 4:15, Nm 10:2, Nm 10:34, Nm 10:36, 1Kgs 20:15, 1Mc 5:2, Ez 1:19, Ez 1:21, Ez 10:16
ἐξαιρεῖσθαιἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·εσθαιpres mp infto-be-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTJer 49:11
ἐξαιρεῖσθαίἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·εσθαιpres mp infto-be-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTJer 1:8, Jer 1:17, Jer 1:19, Jer 15:21
ἐξαιρεῖσθεἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·εσθεpres mp ind 2nd pl or pres mp imp 2nd plyou(pl)-are-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT, be-you(pl)-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT!Jer 22:3
ἐξαιρῇἐξαίρω or ἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ·ῃ; εξ·αιρ(ε)·ῃpres mp ind 2nd sg or pres act sub 3rd sg or pres mp sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-are-being-REMOVE-ed, he/she/it-should-be-REMOVE-ing, you(sg)-should-be-being-REMOVE-ed; you(sg)-are-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT, he/she/it-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT, you(sg)-should-be-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTSir 51:8
ἐξαίρῃἐξαίρω or ἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ·ῃ; εξ·αιρ(ε)·ῃpres mp ind 2nd sg or pres act sub 3rd sg or pres mp sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-are-being-REMOVE-ed, he/she/it-should-be-REMOVE-ing, you(sg)-should-be-being-REMOVE-ed; you(sg)-are-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT, he/she/it-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT, you(sg)-should-be-being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTNm 4:5
ἐξαιρούμενοςἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·ομεν·οςpres mp ptcp mas nom sgwhile being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT (nom)JgsA 18:28, 1Kgs 30:8, 2Kgs 14:6, 4Kgs 18:30, Jb 5:4, Jb 10:7, Hos 5:14, Mi 5:7, Na 2:2, Is 42:22, Is 43:13, DnTh 8:4, DnTh 8:7
ἐξαιρούμενόςἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·ομεν·οςpres mp ptcp mas nom sgwhile being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT (nom)2Kgs 22:2, Is 60:16
ἐξαιρουμένωνἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ(ε)·ομεν·ωνpres mp ptcp fem gen pl or pres mp ptcp mas gen pl or pres mp ptcp neu gen plwhile being-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT (gen)2Kgs 19:6
ἐξαίρουσανἐξαίρω or ἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ·ουσ·αν; εξ·αιρ(ε)·ουσ·ανpres act ptcp fem acc sgwhile REMOVE-ing (acc); while RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT (acc)Ez 13:13
ἐξαίρωνἐξαίρω or ἐξαιρέωεξ·αιρ·ο[υ]ν[τ]·^; εξ·αιρ(ε)·ο[υ]ν[τ]·^pres act ptcp mas nom sgwhile REMOVE-ing (nom); while RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT (nom)JgsB 1:28, JgsA 1:28, Qoh 10:9, Mi 7:18, Na 1:2, Jer 31:10
ἐξειλάμεθαἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]αμεθα1aor mp ind 1st plwe-were-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT1Kgs 30:22
ἐξειλάμηνἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]αμην1aor mp ind 1st sgI-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTJgsA 6:9, 1Kgs 10:18, Is 48:10, Jer 41:13
ἐξείλαντοἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]αντο1aor mp ind 3rd plthey-were-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT4Kgs 18:34, 4Kgs 18:35, 4Kgs 19:12, 2Chr 25:15, 2Chr 32:17
ἐξείλατοἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]ατο1aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTGn 37:21, Ex 18:8, Ex 18:9, Ex 18:10, JoB 9:26, JoB 24:10, JgsA 9:17, 1Kgs 12:11, 1Kgs 14:48, 1Kgs 30:18, 2Kgs 19:10, 2Kgs 22:1, 2Kgs 23:12, Ps 114:8, Wsd 10:1, Jer 20:13, Jer 38:11, Ez 33:5, DnTh 3:88, DnTh 3:95, DnTh 6:28
ἐξείλατόἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]ατο1aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTEx 18:4, 1Kgs 17:37, 2Kgs 22:20, Jdt 16:2, Ode 11:15, Is 38:14
ἐξεῖλενἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]ε(ν), εξ·ε·ελ·ε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sg, 2aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTJgsB 14:9, JgsA 14:9
ἐξείλετοἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·ετο2aor mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT2Mc 2:18, DnOG 3:88
ἐξείλουἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·ου2aor mp ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-were-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTSir 51:11
ἐξείλωἐξαιρέωεξ·ε·ελ·[σ]ω1aor mp ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-were-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTJb 36:21
ἔξελεἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·ε2aor act imp 2nd sgdo-RESCUE/TAKE-you(sg)-OUT!TbS 6:4
ἐξελεῖνἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ειν, εξ·ελ·εινfut act inf, 2aor act infto-will-RESCUE/TAKE-OUT, to-RESCUE/TAKE-OUTLv 14:43
ἐξελεῖσθεἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]εσθεfut mp ind 2nd plyou(pl)-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTJoB 2:13
ἐξελεῖταιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]εταιfut mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTNm 35:25, Dt 32:39, 1Kgs 4:8, 1Kgs 7:3, 4Kgs 17:39, 4Kgs 18:30, 4Kgs 18:35, Ps 36:40, Ode 2:39, Jb 5:19, Sir 26:29, Sir 33:1, Is 31:5, Bar 4:18, Bar 4:21, EpJer 1:13, DnOG 3:15, DnOG 3:17, DnTh 3:15
ἐξελεῖταίἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]εταιfut mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT1Kgs 17:37, 1Kgs 26:24, Sir 29:12, DnOG 6:17, DnTh 6:17
ἐξελέσθαιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·εσθαι2aor mp infto-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTEx 3:8, Dt 23:15, Dt 25:11, 4Kgs 18:29, Ps 30:3, Zep 1:18, Is 16:12, Is 44:20, Is 50:2, DnOG 3:17, DnOG 3:96, DnOG 6:15, DnOG 6:16, DnTh 3:17, DnTh 6:15, DnTh 6:21
ἐξέλεσθεἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·εσθε2aor mp imp 2nd plbe-you(pl)-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT!Ps 81:4, Jer 21:12
ἐξελέσθωσάνἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·εσθωσαν2aor mp imp 3rd pllet-them-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT!Is 57:13
ἐξελῇἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ῃ, εξ·ελ·[σ]ῃ, εξ·ελ·ῃfut mp ind 2nd sg, 1aor act sub 3rd sg or 1aor mp sub 2nd sg, 2aor act sub 3rd sg or 2aor mp sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT, he/she/it-should-RESCUE/TAKE-OUT, you(sg)-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT1Kgs 30:8
ἐξέληταιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·[σ]ηται, εξ·ελ·ηται1aor mp sub 3rd sg, 2aor mp sub 3rd sghe/she/it-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTGn 37:22, 2Chr 32:17, Hos 2:12, Ez 33:12
ἐξελοῦἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·ου2aor mp imp 2nd sgbe-you(sg)-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT!Gn 32:12, JoB 10:6, JgsB 10:15, JgsA 10:15, 1Kgs 4:7, 1Kgs 12:10, 3Kgs 1:12, 1Chr 16:35, 1Mc 5:12, Ps 30:2, Ps 58:2, Ps 63:2, Ps 70:2, Ps 118:153, Ps 139:2, Ps 139:5, Ps 142:9, Ps 143:7, Ps 143:11, Ode 7:43, Sir 4:9, Is 44:17, Bar 2:14, DnOG 3:43, DnTh 3:43
ἐξελοῦμαιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ομαιfut mp ind 1st sgI-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT2Mc 6:26, Ps 90:15, Mi 7:3, Ez 34:10, Ez 34:27
ἐξελοῦμαίἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ομαιfut mp ind 1st sgI-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTPs 49:15
ἐξελοῦνταιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ονταιfut mp ind 3rd plthey-will-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUT1Kgs 12:21
ἐξελοῦσινἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ουσι(ν), εξ·ελ(ε)·[σ]ου[ντ]·σι(ν), εξ·ελ·ου[ντ]·σι(ν)fut act ind 3rd pl, fut act ptcp mas dat pl or fut act ptcp neu dat pl, 2aor act ptcp mas dat pl or 2aor act ptcp neu dat plthey-will-RESCUE/TAKE-OUT, going-to-RESCUE/TAKE (fut ptcp) (dat), upon RESCUE/TAKE-ing-OUT (dat)Lv 14:40
ἐξέλωμαιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·[σ]ωμαι, εξ·ελ·ωμαι1aor mp sub 1st sg, 2aor mp sub 1st sgI-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTZec 11:6
ἐξέλωνταιἐξαιρέωεξ·ελ·[σ]ωνται, εξ·ελ·ωνται1aor mp sub 3rd pl, 2aor mp sub 3rd plthey-should-be-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTIs 47:14, EpJer 1:35, EpJer 1:36
ἐξῄρησαιἐξαιρέωεξ·ῃρη·σαιperf mp ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-have-been-RESCUE/TAKE-ed-OUTEz 33:9

Inflections: 40
Total occurrences: 179


αἵρεσις, -έσεως, ἡ preference/taking (n.) [faction, heresy, choice, but also; acquisition]
αἱρετίζω to choose (v.)
αἱρετικός -ή -όν factious (adj.) [see heretical]
αἱρέω to choose (v.)
ἀν·αίρεσις, -εως, ἡ murder (n.) A taking up or away, especially of dead bodies for burial; by association, the act of killing or murder itself (in both NT occurrences); metaphorically, "destruction" (including refutation of arguments, etc.)
ἀν+αιρέω to put away (v.) put away; of men being killed, put away, of anything, including people, that are not in the right place
ἀντ·αν+αιρέω [LXX] to take-away (v.) , make-cease/disappear, annul
αὐθ·αίρετος -ον self-directed (adj.)
ἀφ+αιρέω to take-away (v.) [Lit:"lift/take-from" deprive]
δι·αίρεσις, -εως, ἡ differences (n.) disunite, divide
δι+αιρέω to apportion (v.) Lit:"take/choose-from side-to-side", hence apportion/distribute/divide/separate
ἐξ+αιρέω to rescue/take out (v.) [Lit:"choose/lift-from-out-of" deliver; remove]
καθ·αίρεσις, -εως, ἡ destruction (n.) (being pulled down, brought down)
καθ+αιρέω to take down (v.) purge
περι+αιρέω to taking off (v.) strip off, remove, take away
προ+αιρέω to purpose (v.)


ἀπ+αίρω to take-away (v.) Lit:"raise/lift/take-up-from", hence bear/take-away, remove.
ἄπ·αρσις, -εως, ἡ [LXX] setting out, departure (n.)
ἐξ+αίρω to remove (v.)
ἐπ+αίρω to raise/lift-up (v.) Lit:"lift/raise-upon", hence raise/lift-up.
ἔπ·αρσις, -εως, ἡ [LXX] rising (n.) swelling, heap of ruins
μετ+αίρω to go away (v.)
συν+αίρω to to raise up (v.)
ὑπερ+αίρω to exalt oneself (v.)
ὑπέρ·αρσις, -εως, ἡ [LXX] exaltation (n.)
αἴρω to lift/pick-up (v.) , take-up, tote, raise, bear, carry


ἀ·καθαρσία, -ας, ἡ uncleaness (n.) depravity foulness of a wound or sore
ἀ·καθάρτης [t.r.], -ητος, ἡ uncleanness (n.)
ἀ·κάθαρτος -ον unclean (adj.) (impure)
δια+καθαίρω to purge (v.)
δια+καθαρίζω to clean out (v.) clean out; clear out e.g. sweeping out the threshing floor in Mat. 3:12
ἐκ+καθαίρω to cleanse (v.)
καθαίρω to clear (v.)
καθαρίζω to purify (v.) cleanse
καθαρισμός, -οῦ, ὁ purification (n.)
καθαρός -ά -όν clean (adj.)
καθαρότης, -ητος, ἡ purifying (n.)


μετ·εωρίζομαι to suspend (v.)
μετ·εωρισμός, -οῦ, ὁ [LXX] rising to the surface (n.) being raised up, swell
μετ·έωρος -ον [LXX] suspended (adj.)

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