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αφρων • AFRWN • aphrōn

ἄ·φρων -ον, gen. sg. -ονος (cf. μωρός)

Adjective (3-3-3)


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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


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Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
Ἄφρονἀφρός or ἄφρωναφρ·ον; αφρον(mas) acc sg; neu nom|acc|voc sg or mas voc sg or fem voc sgfoam (acc); unthinking (nom|acc|voc, voc)Lk 12:20, 1Cor 15:36
ἄφροναἄφρωναφρον·αneu nom|acc|voc pl or mas acc sg or fem acc sgunthinking (acc, nom|acc|voc)2Cor 11:16
ἄφρονες, Ἄφρονεςἄφρωναφρον·εςmas nom|voc pl or fem nom|voc plunthinking (nom|voc)Lk 11:40, Eph 5:17
ἀφρόνωνἄφρωναφρον·ωνneu gen pl or mas gen pl or fem gen plunthinking (gen)Rom 2:20, 2Cor 11:19, 1Pt 2:15
ἄφρων, Ἄφρωνἀφρός or ἄφρωναφρ·ων; αφρον·^(mas) gen pl; mas nom sg or fem nom sgfoams (gen); unthinking (nom)Lk 12:20, 1Cor 15:36, 2Cor 12:6, 2Cor 12:11

Inflections: 5
Total occurrences: 13

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἄφροναἄφρωναφρον·αneu nom|acc|voc pl or mas acc sg or fem acc sgunthinking (acc, nom|acc|voc)Prv 19:28, Prv 27:22, Qoh 4:13, Qoh 6:8, Jb 5:2, PsSol 16:7
ἄφροναςἄφρωναφρον·αςmas acc pl or fem acc plunthinking (acc)Jb 5:3, Wsd 1:3, Sir 34:1
ἄφρονεςἄφρωναφρον·εςmas nom|voc pl or fem nom|voc plunthinking (nom|voc)Ps 93:8, Prv 1:22, Prv 10:21, Prv 14:18, Prv 17:12, Prv 21:20, Prv 22:3, Prv 27:12, Jb 34:36, Wsd 3:12, Wsd 5:4
ἄφρονέςἄφρωναφρον·εςmas nom|voc pl or fem nom|voc plunthinking (nom|voc)Jer 4:22
ἄφρονιἄφρωναφρον·ιneu dat sg or mas dat sg or fem dat sgunthinking (dat)Ps 38:9, Prv 10:4a, Prv 14:7, Prv 17:7, Prv 17:16, Prv 19:10, Prv 26:1, Prv 26:4, Prv 26:5, Prv 26:8
ἄφρονοςἄφρωναφρον·οςneu gen sg or mas gen sg or fem gen sgunthinking (gen)Ps 73:22, Prv 17:21, Prv 17:24, Prv 18:6, Prv 18:7, Prv 23:9, Prv 26:6, Prv 27:3, Qoh 2:15, Qoh 2:16, Qoh 5:2, Qoh 10:2, Qoh 10:12, Sir 20:14, Sir 20:22, Sir 22:13, Sir 31:30
ἀφρόνωνἄφρωναφρον·ωνneu gen pl or mas gen pl or fem gen plunthinking (gen)2Kgs 13:13, Prv 7:7, Prv 12:15, Prv 12:23, Prv 14:3, Prv 14:8, Prv 14:24, Prv 14:33, Prv 15:2, Prv 15:7, Prv 16:22, Prv 17:2, Prv 19:29, Prv 26:7, Prv 26:9, Prv 26:10, Qoh 4:17, Qoh 7:4, Qoh 7:5, Qoh 7:6, Qoh 7:9, Qoh 10:15, Jb 2:10, Jb 30:8, Wsd 3:2, Wsd 12:24, Wsd 14:11, Is 59:7
ἄφροσιἄφρωναφρο[ν]·σι(ν)neu dat pl or mas dat pl or fem dat plunthinking (dat)Prv 13:20
ἄφροσινἄφρωναφρο[ν]·σι(ν)neu dat pl or mas dat pl or fem dat plunthinking (dat)Qoh 5:3, Wsd 15:5
ἄφρωνἀφρός or ἄφρωναφρ·ων; αφρον·^(mas) gen pl; mas nom sg or fem nom sgfoams (gen); unthinking (nom)Ps 13:1, Ps 48:11, Ps 52:2, Ps 73:18, Ps 91:7, Prv 6:12, Prv 9:4, Prv 9:13, Prv 10:1, Prv 10:23, Prv 11:29, Prv 12:1, Prv 12:16, Prv 13:16, Prv 14:1, Prv 14:16, Prv 14:29, Prv 15:5, Prv 15:20, Prv 16:27, Prv 17:10, Prv 17:18, Prv 17:25, Prv 18:22a, Prv 19:13, Prv 19:25, Prv 20:3, Prv 24:9, Prv 24:30, Prv 26:11, Prv 26:12, Prv 28:26, Prv 29:11, Prv 29:20, Prv 30:22, Qoh 2:14, Qoh 2:15, Qoh 2:19, Qoh 4:5, Qoh 10:3, Qoh 10:6, Qoh 10:14, Sir 16:23, Sir 19:23, Sir 20:7, Sir 21:23, Sir 27:11, Sir 31:7, Jer 17:11

Inflections: 10
Total occurrences: 129

ἀ·φρονέσ·τατος -η -ον [LXX] most senseless (adj.)
ἄ·φρων -ον unthinking (adj.) senseless
κατα+φρονέω to disregard/condescend (v.) [Lit:"down-mind"; to look down on, pay no heed, be dismissive of, think litely/little of, disdain, not be concerned with or worried by. Distinct from "ἐξουθενέω"]/ Contemn, contempt, despise.
κατα·φρονητής, -οῦ, ὁ scoffer (n.)
ὁμό·φρων -ον like-minded (adj.)
ὄσ·φρησις, -εως, ἡ sense of smell (n.)
παρα+φρονέω to be delirious (v.)
παρα·φρονία, -ας, ἡ derangement (n.) insanity, madness
περι+φρονέω to contemn (v.) speculate about, compas in thought, despise
περί·φρων -ον [LXX] thoughtful (adj.)
σω·φρονέω to be-sensible (v.) Lit:"safety-minded", hence sober/sound-minded.
σω·φρονίζω to sensitize (v.)
σω·φρονισμός, -οῦ, ὁ bringing/making come to their senses (n.) From σῶς (safe, preserved, i.e. wrapped up in a protective covering) and φρήν (the reins of the emotions, also the midriff as holding in the viscera). The word means "having sound emotional control". Saffron, the spice, has calming medicinal pro
σω·φρόνως sensibly (adv.)
σώ·φρων -ον sensible (adj.) Of sound mind, therefore discreet, prudent, sensible or self-controlled (especially of women: chaste, modest)
ταπεινό·φρων -ον low-minded (adj.)
ὑπερ+φρονέω to very proud (v.) to be over-proud, have high thoughts
ὑψηλο·φρονέω to high-minded (v.)
φιλο·φρόνως kindly minded, kindly, friendly, affable (adv.)
φιλό·φρων -ον loving-hearted (adj.) Lit:"heart/mind-loving/affectionate", hence loving-hearted, intuitively/naturally affectionate, affectionate-by-nature
φρήν, -ενός, ἡ mind (n.) distinct from καρδία to which it relates. Inner awareness, determination, and prudence attained from σοφία.
φρόνημα, -ατος, τό mindset (n.) a particular mindedness or way of thinking about things (e.g., like-minded, close-minded, high-minded, ...)
φρόνησις, -εως, ἡ contemplation (n.)
φρόνιμος (-η) -ον prudent-wise (adj.) possessing sagacity or discernment from "φρήν"(personal-visceral-opinion), hence thoughtful/mindful, prudent/sensible/shrewd. Often rendered "wise", but distinct from "σοφός"(learned/skilled-wise)or "συνετός"(intel
φρονίμως ingeniously (adv.)
φρονιμώ·τατος -η -ον [LXX] most ingenious (adj.)
φρονιμώ·τερος -α -ον more ingenious (adj.)
φροντίζω to consider (v.) [reflect, give thought attention]
φροντιστέον [LXX] one must take heed (adv.)
φρονέω to think (v.) frame (cf. φρην) an emotional disposition (actively establish a mindset of how you allow yourself to "feel" about something, as opposed to just logical reasoning).

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