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αναστρεφω • ANASTREFW • anastrephō

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MatchLemmaUncontracted Form(s)Parsing
αναστραφησεταιἀναστρέφωανα·στραφ·[θ]ησεταιfut θη ind 3rd sg

ἀνα·στρέφω (ανα+στρεφ-, ανα+στρεψ-, ανα+στρεψ-, -, αν+εστραφ-, ανα+στραφ·[θ]-)



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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


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Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἀναστράφητεἀναστρέφωανα·στραφ·[θ]ητεaor θη imp 2nd pl or aor θη sub 2nd plbe-you(pl)-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN!, you(pl)-should-be-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN1Pt 1:17
ἀναστρέφεσθαιἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·εσθαιpres mp infto-be-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN1Tm 3:15, Heb 13:18
ἀναστρεφομένουςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομεν·ουςpres mp ptcp mas acc plwhile being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (acc)2Pt 2:18
ἀναστρεφομένων, Ἀναστρεφομένωνἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομεν·ωνpres mp ptcp fem gen pl or pres mp ptcp mas gen pl or pres mp ptcp neu gen plwhile being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (gen)Mt 17:22, Heb 10:33
ἀναστρέψαντεςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σαντ·ες1aor act ptcp mas nom|voc plupon GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN (nom|voc)Acts 5:22
ἀναστρέψωἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σωfut act ind 1st sg or 1aor act sub 1st sgI-will-GO-ABOUT/RETURN, I-should-GO-ABOUT/RETURNActs 15:16
ἀνεστράφημενἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στραφ·[θ]ημενaor θη ind 1st plwe-were-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN2Cor 1:12
ἀνεστράφημένἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στραφ·[θ]ημενaor θη ind 1st plwe-were-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNEph 2:3
ἀνέστρεψενἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στρεφ·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNJn 2:15

Inflections: 9
Total occurrences: 11

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἀναστραφήσεταιἀναστρέφωανα·στραφ·[θ]ησεταιfut θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-will-be-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNSir 39:3, Sir 50:28
ἀναστράφητεἀναστρέφωανα·στραφ·[θ]ητεaor θη imp 2nd pl or aor θη sub 2nd plbe-you(pl)-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN!, you(pl)-should-be-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN3Kgs 12:12
ἀνάστρεφεἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·εpres act imp 2nd sgbe-you(sg)-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN!1Kgs 3:5, 1Kgs 3:6, 1Kgs 3:9, 1Kgs 29:7, 2Kgs 3:16, 3Kgs 19:15, 3Kgs 19:20
ἀναστρέφειἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ειpres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-is-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN, you(sg)-are-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (classical)Wsd 2:5, Wsd 16:14, Sir 40:11
ἀναστρέφεινἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·εινpres act infto-be-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN2Kgs 2:26
ἀναστρέφεσθαιἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·εσθαιpres mp infto-be-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN3Mc 2:30
ἀναστρέφεταιἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·εταιpres mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-is-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNPrv 20:7
ἀναστρέφετεἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ετεpres act ind 2nd pl or pres act imp 2nd plyou(pl)-are-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN, be-you(pl)-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN!3Kgs 12:24y
ἀναστρεφέτωἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ετωpres act imp 3rd sglet-him/her/it-be-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN!3Kgs 12:24, 3Kgs 22:17
ἀναστρεφέτωσανἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ετωσανpres act imp 3rd pllet-them-be-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN!2Chr 18:16
ἀναστρέφομαιἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομαιpres mp ind 1st sgI-am-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNPrv 8:20
ἀναστρεφόμενοιἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομεν·οιpres mp ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (nom|voc)Wsd 13:7, Ez 22:29
ἀναστρεφόμενονἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομεν·ονpres mp ptcp mas acc sg or pres mp ptcp neu nom|acc|voc sgwhile being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (acc, nom|acc|voc)Ez 22:30
ἀναστρεφόμενοςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομεν·οςpres mp ptcp mas nom sgwhile being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (nom)Sir 38:25, Ez 3:15
ἀναστρεφομένουςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ομεν·ουςpres mp ptcp mas acc plwhile being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (acc)Zec 3:7
ἀναστρέφοντοςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ο[υ]ντ·οςpres act ptcp mas gen sg or pres act ptcp neu gen sgwhile GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN (gen)Zec 7:14
ἀναστρέφουἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ουpres mp imp 2nd sgbe-you(sg)-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN!Sir 8:8
ἀναστρέφωἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·ωpres act ind 1st sg or pres act sub 1st sgI-am-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN, I-should-be-GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN1Kgs 15:26
ἀναστρέψαιἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σαι1aor act inf or 1aor mp imp 2nd sg or 1aor act opt 3rd sgto-GO-ABOUT/RETURN, be-you(sg)-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN!, he/she/it-happens-to-GO-ABOUT/RETURN (opt)Gn 14:17
ἀναστρέψαντεςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σαντ·ες1aor act ptcp mas nom|voc plupon GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN (nom|voc)Gn 14:7, Jdt 15:7
ἀναστρέψαςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σα[ντ]·ς1aor act ptcp mas nom|voc sgupon GO-ing-ABOUT/RETURN (nom|voc)Prv 26:11
ἀναστρέψατεἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σατε1aor act imp 2nd pldo-GO-you(pl)-ABOUT/RETURN!3Kgs 12:5, SusTh 1:49
ἀναστρέψειἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σειfut act ind 3rd sg or fut mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-will-GO-ABOUT/RETURN, you(sg)-will-be-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN (classical)JoB 19:29, JoA 19:12, JoA 19:29, 2Kgs 12:23, Jer 22:11, Jer 26:27, Ez 46:9, DnTh 11:9
ἀναστρέψειςἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σειςfut act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-GO-ABOUT/RETURNJer 15:19
ἀνάστρεψονἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σον, ανα·στρεφ·σο[υ]ν[τ]1aor act imp 2nd sg, fut act ptcp mas voc sg or fut act ptcp neu nom|acc|voc sgdo-GO-you(sg)-ABOUT/RETURN!, going-to-GO (fut ptcp) (nom|acc|voc, voc)Gn 49:22, 1Kgs 15:25, 1Kgs 15:30, Jer 3:7, Jer 47:5
ἀναστρέψουσινἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σουσι(ν), ανα·στρεφ·σου[ντ]·σι(ν)fut act ind 3rd pl, fut act ptcp mas dat pl or fut act ptcp neu dat plthey-will-GO-ABOUT/RETURN, going-to-GO (fut ptcp) (dat)Prv 2:19, Jer 15:19, Jer 44:8
ἀναστρέψωἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σωfut act ind 1st sg or 1aor act sub 1st sgI-will-GO-ABOUT/RETURN, I-should-GO-ABOUT/RETURNGn 18:14, 2Kgs 22:38, Jb 10:21
ἀναστρέψωμενἀναστρέφωανα·στρεφ·σωμεν1aor act sub 1st plwe-should-GO-ABOUT/RETURNGn 22:5, Ex 24:14, 1Kgs 9:5, Jer 26:16
ἀνέστραπταιἀναστρέφωαν·εστραφ·ταιperf mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-has-been-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNJoB 5:6
ἀνεστρέφετοἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στρεφ·ετοimpf mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN3Mc 1:24, Ez 19:6
ἀνεστρέφοντοἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στρεφ·οντοimpf mp ind 3rd plthey-were-being-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNEz 22:7
ἀνέστρεψαἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στρεφ·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURN1Mc 10:52
ἀνέστρεψανἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στρεφ·σαν1aor act ind 3rd plthey-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNGn 32:7, JoB 7:3, JgsA 20:39, 1Kgs 6:16, 1Kgs 17:53, 1Kgs 25:12, 1Kgs 27:9, 2Kgs 17:20, 3Kgs 21:5, 4Kgs 2:18, Jdt 1:11, Jer 26:5, Jer 48:14
ἀνέστρεψενἀναστρέφωανα·ε·στρεφ·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-GO-ed-ABOUT/RETURNGn 8:11, Gn 37:29, Gn 37:30, JoB 19:12, JgsB 7:13, JgsA 3:19, JgsA 8:13, JgsA 18:26, Ru 1:15, 1Kgs 3:5, 1Kgs 15:31, 1Kgs 23:28, 1Kgs 24:2, 1Kgs 26:25, 2Kgs 1:1, 2Kgs 2:30, 2Kgs 3:16, 2Kgs 3:26, 2Kgs 10:14, 3Kgs 11:22, 3Kgs 13:10, 3Kgs 15:21, 3Kgs 19:21, 4Kgs 9:18, 4Kgs 9:20, 1Chr 20:3, Jdt 1:13, Jdt 1:16, 1Mc 4:23, 1Mc 5:8, Sir 33:12, Jer 3:7, SusTh 1:50

Inflections: 34
Total occurrences: 113

ἀνα+στρέφω to go about/return (v.) [conduct oneself; turn over]
ἀνα·στροφή, -ῆς, ἡ habitual-conduct (n.) Lit:"re-turning", hence back-sliding/habitual conduct/behavior.
ἀπο+στρέφω to turn-away (v.) Lit:"turn-from", hence turn-from/back/away. turn-away/back-from, return
δια+στρέφω to twist/bend (v.) [distort, pervert]
ἐκ+στρέφω to change/alter entirely (v.) Turn out if, or turn inside out.
ἐπι+στρέφω to turn-around (v.) Lit:"turn-upon", hence turn-around, return.
ἐπι·στροφή, -ῆς, ἡ attention (n.)
ἐπι·συ+στρέφω [LXX] to collect together (v.) compress into unity, brace up, restore
κατα+στρέφω to turn over/plow (v.) [to over-throw as soil, or tables see Matt 21:12, Mark 15; topple]
κατα·στροφή, -ῆς, ἡ catastrophe (n.)
μετα+στρέφω to change (v.) Literally turn about, perhaps to face the enemy; or, turn another way. Thus, figuratively, retort; alter/change/pervert.
στροφή, -ῆς, ἡ [LXX] twist (n.)
συ+στρέφω to gathered together (v.) contort, intertwist, twirl, twine, wring
συ·στροφή, -ῆς, ἡ collection (n.) swarm, gathering, concentration
ὑπο+στρέφω to return (v.) Lit:"turn-under", hence return, turn-back.
στρέφω to turn (v.)

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