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παρεμβαλλω • PAREMBALLW • paremballō

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MatchLemmaUncontracted Form(s)Parsing
παρενεβαλενπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλ·ε(ν)2aor act ind 3rd sg

παρ·εμ·βάλλω (παρεν+βαλλ-, παρεν+βαλ(ε)·[σ]-, 2nd παρεν+βαλ-, παρεν+βεβλη·κ-, -, -)



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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


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Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
παρεμβαλοῦσινπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ουσι(ν), παρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ου[ντ]·σι(ν), παρεν·βαλ·ου[ντ]·σι(ν)fut act ind 3rd pl, fut act ptcp mas dat pl or fut act ptcp neu dat pl, 2aor act ptcp mas dat pl or 2aor act ptcp neu dat plthey-will-ENCAMP, going-to-ENCAMP (fut ptcp) (dat), upon ENCAMP-ing (dat)Lk 19:43

Inflections: 1
Total occurrences: 1

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
παρέμβαλεπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ·ε2aor act imp 2nd sgdo-ENCAMP-you(sg)!2Kgs 12:28
παρεμβαλεῖπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ειfut act ind 3rd sg or fut mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-will-ENCAMP, you(sg)-will-be-ENCAMP-ed (classical)Ps 33:8
παρεμβαλεῖνπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ειν, παρεν·βαλ·εινfut act inf, 2aor act infto-will-ENCAMP, to-ENCAMPDt 23:10, 1Mc 5:27, 1Mc 5:42, 1Mc 5:49, 3Mc 4:11
παρεμβάλετεπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ·ετε2aor act imp 2nd pldo-ENCAMP-you(pl)!Nm 31:19, Jer 27:29
παρεμβαλέτωσανπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ·ετωσαν2aor act imp 3rd pllet-them-ENCAMP!Nm 1:53, Nm 2:2
παρεμβάλῃπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ῃ, παρεν·βαλ·ῃfut mp ind 2nd sg, 2aor act sub 3rd sg or 2aor mp sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-be-ENCAMP-ed, he/she/it-should-ENCAMP, you(sg)-should-be-ENCAMP-ed1Mc 5:41
παρεμβάλητεπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ·ητε2aor act sub 2nd plyou(pl)-should-ENCAMPJoB 4:3
παρεμβάλλειπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·ειpres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-is-ENCAMP-ing, you(sg)-are-being-ENCAMP-ed (classical)1Kgs 11:1
παρεμβάλλεινπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·εινpres act infto-be-ENCAMP-ingNm 1:51, 1Mc 15:39
παρεμβάλλομένπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·ομενpres act ind 1st plwe-are-ENCAMP-ing1Mc 6:57
παρεμβάλλοντεςπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·ο[υ]ντ·εςpres act ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile ENCAMP-ing (nom|voc)Nm 2:3, Nm 2:5, Nm 2:7, Nm 2:12, Nm 2:14, Nm 2:20, Nm 2:22, Nm 2:27, Nm 2:29, Nm 3:38
παρεμβάλλουπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·ουpres mp imp 2nd sgbe-you(sg)-being-ENCAMP-ed!Sir 11:8
παρεμβάλλουσαιπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·ουσ·αιpres act ptcp fem nom|voc plwhile ENCAMP-ing (nom|voc)Nm 10:5, Nm 10:6
παρεμβάλλουσινπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλλ·ουσι(ν), παρεν·βαλλ·ου[ντ]·σι(ν)pres act ind 3rd pl, pres act ptcp mas dat pl or pres act ptcp neu dat plthey-are-ENCAMP-ing, while ENCAMP-ing (dat)Nm 2:17, 1Kgs 4:1, 1Kgs 13:5, 1Kgs 17:1, 1Kgs 17:2, 1Kgs 28:4, 2Kgs 11:11, 3Kgs 21:29, 1Mc 3:42, 1Mc 5:39
παρεμβαλοῦμενπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ομενfut act ind 1st plwe-will-ENCAMP2Kgs 17:12, Jdt 7:13
παρεμβαλοῦσινπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ουσι(ν), παρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ου[ντ]·σι(ν), παρεν·βαλ·ου[ντ]·σι(ν)fut act ind 3rd pl, fut act ptcp mas dat pl or fut act ptcp neu dat pl, 2aor act ptcp mas dat pl or 2aor act ptcp neu dat plthey-will-ENCAMP, going-to-ENCAMP (fut ptcp) (dat), upon ENCAMP-ing (dat)Nm 1:50, Nm 1:52, Nm 2:2, Nm 3:23, Nm 3:29, Nm 3:35, Nm 9:18, Nm 9:20, Nm 9:22, 1Chr 9:27
παρεμβαλῶπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βαλ(ε)·[σ]ω, παρεν·βαλ·ωfut act ind 1st sg, 2aor act sub 1st sgI-will-ENCAMP, I-should-ENCAMP4Kgs 6:8
παρεμβεβλήκασιπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βεβλη·κασι(ν)perf act ind 3rd plthey-have-ENCAMP-ed1Mc 6:26
παρεμβεβλήκειπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·[ε]·βεβλη·κειplup act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-had-ENCAMP-ed1Chr 11:15
παρεμβεβλήκεισανπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·[ε]·βεβλη·κεισανplup act ind 3rd plthey-had-ENCAMP-edJgsA 7:12, 1Kgs 13:16, 3Mc 1:1
παρεμβεβληκόταςπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βεβλη·κοτ·αςperf act ptcp mas acc plhaving ENCAMP-ed (acc)Ex 14:9
παρεμβεβληκότεςπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βεβλη·κοτ·εςperf act ptcp mas nom|voc plhaving ENCAMP-ed (nom|voc)Jdt 15:3
παρεμβεβληκυῖανπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βεβλη·κυι·ανperf act ptcp fem acc sghaving ENCAMP-ed (acc)Gn 32:2
παρεμβεβληκὼςπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·βεβλη·κο[τ]·^ςperf act ptcp mas nom sghaving ENCAMP-ed (nom)1Kgs 26:5, 1Mc 9:5
παρενέβαλεπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλ·ε(ν)2aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-ENCAMP-ed1Mc 16:6
παρενέβαλενπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλ·ε(ν)2aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-ENCAMP-edGn 33:18, Ex 18:5, Ex 19:2, JgsB 9:50, JgsA 7:1, JgsA 11:20, 1Kgs 26:3, 1Kgs 29:1, 2Kgs 17:26, 3Kgs 21:27, 4Kgs 25:1, 2Chr 32:1, 1Mc 5:5, 1Mc 5:37, 1Mc 6:32, 1Mc 6:48, 1Mc 6:51, 1Mc 7:19, 1Mc 7:39, 1Mc 7:40, 1Mc 9:64, 1Mc 10:48, 1Mc 10:69, 1Mc 10:75, 1Mc 10:77, 1Mc 10:86, 1Mc 11:65, 1Mc 13:13, 1Mc 13:43, 1Mc 15:13, 1Mc 15:25
παρενέβαλλονπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλλ·ονimpf act ind 1st sg or impf act ind 3rd plI-was-ENCAMP-ing, they-were-ENCAMP-ingJgsA 6:4
παρενεβάλομενπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλ·ομεν2aor act ind 1st plwe-ENCAMP-ed1Esd 8:41, 2Esd 8:15
παρενέβαλονπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλ·ον2aor act ind 1st sg or 2aor act ind 3rd plI-ENCAMP-ed, they-ENCAMP-edEx 15:27, Nm 2:34, Nm 9:17, Nm 12:16, Nm 21:10, Nm 21:11, Nm 21:12, Nm 21:13, Nm 22:1, Nm 33:5, Nm 33:6, Nm 33:7, Nm 33:8, Nm 33:9, Nm 33:10, Nm 33:11, Nm 33:12, Nm 33:13, Nm 33:14, Nm 33:15, Nm 33:16, Nm 33:17, Nm 33:18, Nm 33:19, Nm 33:20, Nm 33:21, Nm 33:22, Nm 33:23, Nm 33:24, Nm 33:25, Nm 33:26, Nm 33:27, Nm 33:28, Nm 33:29, Nm 33:30, Nm 33:31, Nm 33:32, Nm 33:33, Nm 33:34, Nm 33:35, Nm 33:36, Nm 33:37, Nm 33:41, Nm 33:42, Nm 33:43, Nm 33:44, Nm 33:45, Nm 33:46, Nm 33:47, Nm 33:48, Nm 33:49, JoB 11:5, JgsB 1:23, JgsB 6:4, JgsB 6:33, JgsB 7:1, JgsB 10:17, JgsB 11:18, JgsB 11:20, JgsB 15:9, JgsB 18:12, JgsB 20:19, JgsA 1:23, JgsA 6:33, JgsA 10:17, JgsA 11:18, JgsA 20:19, 1Kgs 23:26, 2Kgs 23:13, 2Kgs 24:5, 1Chr 19:7, 1Chr 19:9, Jdt 7:3, Jdt 7:17, Jdt 7:18, 1Mc 2:32, 1Mc 3:40, 1Mc 3:57, 1Mc 4:29, 1Mc 5:50, 1Mc 6:31, 1Mc 9:2, 1Mc 9:3, 1Mc 9:33, 1Mc 11:67, 1Mc 11:73
παρενεβάλοσανπαρεμβάλλωπαρεν·ε·βαλ·οσαν2aor act ind 3rd pl altthey-ENCAMP-edEx 17:1, JgsA 15:9, JgsA 18:12, 2Esd 21:30

Inflections: 30
Total occurrences: 198

ἀμφι+βάλλω to casting a net (v.) (casting about)
ἀνα+βάλλω to put back (v.) put off, defer, throw up, put on, delay
ἀνα·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ postponement (n.)
ἀντι+βάλλω to exchange (v.) exchange words in conversation
ἀντι·παρα+βάλλω [LXX] to to hold side by side to compare or contrast (v.)
ἀπο+βάλλω to discard (v.)
ἀπο·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ loss (n.) Lit: cast-away. Hence: that which is thrown away, lost
βολή, -ῆς, ἡ throw before (n.) radiance, rays, payment,quick glances
δια+βάλλω to allege/make accusation against (v.) (accusation)
διά·βολος -ον diabolical (adj.) Slanderous, hurtful, or corrupting. One who slanders, hurts, and corrupts (casting or sowing throughout).
ἐκ+βάλλω to cast-out (v.) Lit:"throw/cast-from-out-of", hence expel/eject/cast-out,drive-out, remove
ἐκ·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ jettison (n.)
ἐμ+βάλλω to inject (v.) Lit:"cast-in".
ἐπι+βάλλω to cast upon (v.) [put the mind on, impose, inflict, cast upon]
κατα+βάλλω to cast down (v.) bring down (to nothing), defy
κατα·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ deposit (n.) a laying down. from the foundations
λιθο·βολέω to stone (v.) kill with stones, pelt with stones
μετα+βάλλω to change/alter (v.)
παρα+βάλλω to throw beside/by (v.) [rarely: proverb]
παρα·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ parable (n.) (not proverb) παρα frοm + βολή throw radiance
παρα·συμ+βάλλω [LXX] to to be compared/ like (v.)
παρ·εμ+βάλλω to encamp (v.) Lit:"encamp-close-beside"
παρ·εμ·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ camp (n.) , barracks, army
περι+βάλλω to adorn with (v.) [throw around]
προ+βάλλω to put forth (v.)
συμ+βάλλω to concur together (v.) contribute, cooperate, conduce to
ὑπερ·βαλλόντως surpassingly (adv.)
ὑπερ+βάλλω to exceed (v.)
ὑπερ·βολή, -ῆς, ἡ a-surpassing (n.) [Lit: a-throwing-beyond. an exceeding]
ὑπο+βάλλω to to throw put or lay under (v.) to lay under, as a foundation; to subject, submit; Mid. to substitute another's child for one's own; to suggest, whisper, as a prompter does; Mid. to appropriate
βάλλω to throw (v.) /cast

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