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MatchLemmaUncontracted Form(s)Parsing
λυπῃςλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ῃςpres act sub 2nd sg
λυπηςλύπηλυπ·ης(fem) gen sg

λυπέω (λυπ(ε)-, λυπη·σ-, λυπη·σ-, λελυπη·κ-, λελυπη-, λυπη·θ-)



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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


Trench's Synonyms of the New Testament (1880)

§lxv. λυπέομαι, πενθέω, θρηνέω, κόπτω

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Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐλυπήθη, Ἐλυπήθηλυπέωε·λυπη·θηaor θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-GRIEVE-edMt 14:9, Jn 21:17
ἐλυπήθησανλυπέωε·λυπη·θησανaor θη ind 3rd plthey-were-GRIEVE-edMt 17:23, Mt 18:31
ἐλυπήθητελυπέωε·λυπη·θητεaor θη ind 2nd plyou(pl)-were-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 7:9
ἐλύπησαλυπέωε·λυπη·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 7:8
ἐλύπησενλυπέωε·λυπη·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 7:8
λελύπηκενλυπέωλελυπη·κε(ν)perf act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-has-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 2:5
λυπεῖσθαιλυπέωλυπ(ε)·εσθαιpres mp infto-be-being-GRIEVE-edMt 26:37, Mk 14:19
λυπεῖταιλυπέωλυπ(ε)·εταιpres mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-is-being-GRIEVE-edRom 14:15
λυπεῖτελυπέωλυπ(ε)·ετεpres act ind 2nd pl or pres act imp 2nd plyou(pl)-are-GRIEVE-ing, be-you(pl)-GRIEVE-ing!Eph 4:30
λύπῃλύπη or λυπέωλυπ·ῃ; λυπ(ε)·ῃ(fem) dat sg; pres mp ind 2nd sg or pres act sub 3rd sg or pres mp sub 2nd sgpain (dat); you(sg)-are-being-GRIEVE-ed, he/she/it-should-be-GRIEVE-ing, you(sg)-should-be-being-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 2:1, 2Cor 2:7
λυπηθεὶςλυπέωλυπη·θει[ντ]·ςaor θη ptcp mas nom|voc sgupon being-GRIEVE-ed (nom|voc)Mt 14:9
λυπηθέντεςλυπέωλυπη·θε[ι]ντ·εςaor θη ptcp mas nom|voc plupon being-GRIEVE-ed (nom|voc)1Pt 1:6
λυπηθῆναιλυπέωλυπη·θηναιaor θη infto-be-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 7:11
λυπηθήσεσθελυπέωλυπη·θησεσθεfut θη ind 2nd plyou(pl)-will-be-GRIEVE-edJn 16:20
λυπηθῆτελυπέωλυπη·θητεaor θη imp 2nd pl or aor θη sub 2nd plbe-you(pl)-GRIEVE-ed!, you(pl)-should-be-GRIEVE-ed2Cor 2:4
λυπῆσθελυπέωλυπ(ε)·ησθεpres mp sub 2nd plyou(pl)-should-be-being-GRIEVE-ed1Thes 4:13
λυπούμενοιλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ομεν·οιpres mp ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile being-GRIEVE-ed (nom|voc)Mt 26:22, 2Cor 6:10
λυπούμενοςλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ομεν·οςpres mp ptcp mas nom sgwhile being-GRIEVE-ed (nom)Mt 19:22, Mk 10:22, 2Cor 2:2
λυπῶλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ωpres act ind 1st sg or pres act sub 1st sgI-am-GRIEVE-ing, I-should-be-GRIEVE-ing2Cor 2:2

Inflections: 19
Total occurrences: 30

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐλύπειςλυπέωε·λυπ(ε)·εςimpf act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-were-GRIEVE-ingEz 16:43
ἐλυπεῖτολυπέωε·λυπ(ε)·ετοimpf mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-being-GRIEVE-edTbBA 10:3
ἐλυπήθηλυπέωε·λυπη·θηaor θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-GRIEVE-ed4Kgs 13:19, Est 1:12, TbBA 3:10, TbBA 7:6, TbS 3:10, 1Mc 10:22, 1Mc 10:68, 4Mc 16:12, Sir 30:5, Jon 4:1, Is 57:17, DnOG 6:15, DnTh 6:15
ἐλυπήθηνλυπέωε·λυπη·θηνaor θη ind 1st sgI-was-GRIEVE-ed2Esd 15:6, Ps 54:3
ἐλυπήθησανλυπέωε·λυπη·θησανaor θη ind 3rd plthey-were-GRIEVE-ed1Kgs 29:4, Est 2:21, TbBA 13:16, 1Mc 14:16
ἐλύπησαλυπέωε·λυπη·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-GRIEVE-edJb 31:39, Is 57:17
ἐλύπησάλυπέωε·λυπη·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-GRIEVE-edMi 6:3
ἐλύπησανλυπέωε·λυπη·σαν1aor act ind 3rd plthey-GRIEVE-ed1Esd 1:22
ἐλυπήσατελυπέωε·λυπη·σατε1aor act ind 2nd plyou(pl)-GRIEVE-edBar 4:8
ἐλύπησελυπέωε·λυπη·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-GRIEVE-edDnOG 3:50
ἐλύπησενλυπέωε·λυπη·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-GRIEVE-edGn 4:5, 2Kgs 13:21, DnTh 3:50
ἐλυποῦντολυπέωε·λυπ(ε)·οντοimpf mp ind 3rd plthey-were-being-GRIEVE-edTbS 2:10
λελύπημαιλυπέωλελυπη·μαιperf mp ind 1st sgI-have-been-GRIEVE-edJon 4:9
λελύπησαιλυπέωλελυπη·σαιperf mp ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-have-been-GRIEVE-edJon 4:4, Jon 4:9
λελύπηταιλυπέωλελυπη·ταιperf mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-has-been-GRIEVE-edSir 26:28
λυπεῖλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ει, λυπ(ε)·εpres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classical, pres act imp 2nd sghe/she/it-is-GRIEVE-ing, you(sg)-are-being-GRIEVE-ed (classical), be-you(sg)-GRIEVE-ing!Prv 25:20
λυπεῖσθαιλυπέωλυπ(ε)·εσθαιpres mp infto-be-being-GRIEVE-edTbS 10:3
λυπεῖσθελυπέωλυπ(ε)·εσθεpres mp ind 2nd pl or pres mp imp 2nd plyou(pl)-are-being-GRIEVE-ed, be-you(pl)-being-GRIEVE-ed!Gn 45:5, 1Esd 9:52, 1Esd 9:53, Is 15:2
λυπεῖταιλυπέωλυπ(ε)·εταιpres mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-is-being-GRIEVE-ed2Kgs 19:3, Lam 1:22
λύπῃλύπη or λυπέωλυπ·ῃ; λυπ(ε)·ῃ(fem) dat sg; pres mp ind 2nd sg or pres act sub 3rd sg or pres mp sub 2nd sgpain (dat); you(sg)-are-being-GRIEVE-ed, he/she/it-should-be-GRIEVE-ing, you(sg)-should-be-being-GRIEVE-edTbBA 2:5, TbS 14:4, 1Mc 6:13, Sir 12:9, Sir 14:1, Is 50:11
λυπηθεὶςλυπέωλυπη·θει[ντ]·ςaor θη ptcp mas nom|voc sgupon being-GRIEVE-ed (nom|voc)TbBA 3:1
λυπηθήσεσθελυπέωλυπη·θησεσθεfut θη ind 2nd plyou(pl)-will-be-GRIEVE-edIs 8:21
λυπηθήσεταιλυπέωλυπη·θησεταιfut θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-will-be-GRIEVE-edBar 4:33
λυπηθήσῃλυπέωλυπη·θησῃfut θη ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-be-GRIEVE-edDt 15:10
λυπηθήσονταιλυπέωλυπη·θησονταιfut θη ind 3rd plthey-will-be-GRIEVE-edTbS 13:16, Is 19:10
λυπήθητελυπέωλυπη·θητεaor θη imp 2nd pl or aor θη sub 2nd plbe-you(pl)-GRIEVE-ed!, you(pl)-should-be-GRIEVE-edIs 32:11
λυπήσειλυπέωλυπη·σειfut act ind 3rd sg or fut mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-will-GRIEVE, you(sg)-will-be-GRIEVE-ed (classical)Sir 30:9
λυπήσῃςλυπέωλυπη·σῃς1aor act sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-should-GRIEVETbBA 4:3, TbBA 10:13, TbS 4:3, TbS 10:13, Sir 3:12, Sir 4:2
λυπήσωλυπέωλυπη·σωfut act ind 1st sg or 1aor act sub 1st sgI-will-GRIEVE, I-should-GRIEVETbS 9:3-4
λυποῦλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ουpres mp imp 2nd sgbe-you(sg)-being-GRIEVE-ed!TbS 10:6
λυπουμένηλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ομεν·ηpres mp ptcp fem nom|voc sgwhile being-GRIEVE-ed (nom|voc)Bar 2:18
λυπούμενοςλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ομεν·οςpres mp ptcp mas nom sgwhile being-GRIEVE-ed (nom)Est 6:12, DnOG 6:15, DnOG 6:19
λυποῦντέςλυπέωλυπ(ε)·ο[υ]ντ·εςpres act ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile GRIEVE-ing (nom|voc)Jer 15:18
λυπῶνλύπη or λυπέωλυπ·ων; λυπ(ε)·ο[υ]ν[τ]·^(fem) gen pl; pres act ptcp mas nom sgpains (gen); while GRIEVE-ing (nom)Gn 5:29

Inflections: 34
Total occurrences: 71

ἄ·λυπος -ον [EXTRA] disconsolate (adj.)
ἀ·λυπό·τερος -α -ον less disconsolate (adj.)
λύπη, -ῆς, ἡ pain (n.) pain of body/mind, hence pain, sorrow, grief, distress
συλ+λυπέω to share in grief (v.)
λυπέω to grieve (v.) (from "λύπη" [intense pain of mind]), hence distress/vex/make-upset. cause-sorrow/pain, be/make-sorry. LXX: (also) make-angry.

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