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θαυμαζω • QAUMAZW • thaumazō

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MatchLemmaUncontracted Form(s)Parsing
θαυμασθηναιθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θηναιaor θη inf

θαυμάζω (θαυμαζ-, θαυμα·σ-, θαυμα·σ-, τεθαυμα·κ-, τεθαυμασ-, θαυμασ·θ-)



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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


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Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐθαύμαζενθαυμάζωε·θαυμαζ·ε(ν)impf act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-MARVEL-ingMk 6:6, Acts 7:31
ἐθαύμαζον, Ἐθαύμαζονθαυμάζωε·θαυμαζ·ονimpf act ind 1st sg or impf act ind 3rd plI-was-MARVEL-ing, they-were-MARVEL-ingMk 5:20, Mk 6:51, Lk 1:21, Lk 4:22, Jn 4:27, Jn 7:15, Acts 2:7, Acts 4:13
ἐθαύμασαθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-MARVEL-edRv 17:6
ἐθαύμασανθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σαν1aor act ind 3rd plthey-MARVEL-edMt 8:27, Mt 9:8, Mt 9:33, Mt 21:20, Mt 22:22, Mk 12:17, Lk 1:63, Lk 2:18, Lk 8:25, Lk 11:14, Jn 4:27
ἐθαύμασαςθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σας1aor act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-MARVEL-edRv 17:7
ἐθαύμασενθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-MARVEL-edMt 8:10, Mk 15:44, Lk 7:9, Lk 11:38, Rv 13:3
ἐθαυμάσθηθαυμάζωε·θαυμασ·θηaor θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-MARVEL-edRv 13:3
θαυμάζεινθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·εινpres act infto-be-MARVEL-ingMt 27:14, Mk 15:5
θαυμάζετεθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ετεpres act ind 2nd pl or pres act imp 2nd plyou(pl)-are-MARVEL-ing, be-you(pl)-MARVEL-ing!Jn 5:28, Jn 7:21, Acts 3:12, 1Jn 3:13
θαυμάζητεθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ητεpres act sub 2nd plyou(pl)-should-be-MARVEL-ingJn 5:20
θαυμάζοντεςθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ο[υ]ντ·εςpres act ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile MARVEL-ing (nom|voc)Lk 2:33, Jude 1:16
θαυμαζόντωνθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·οντων, θαυμαζ·ο[υ]ντ·ωνpres act imp 3rd pl classical, pres act ptcp mas gen pl or pres act ptcp neu gen pllet-them-be-MARVEL-ing! (classical), while MARVEL-ing (gen)Lk 9:43, Lk 24:41
Θαυμάζωθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ωpres act ind 1st sg or pres act sub 1st sgI-am-MARVEL-ing, I-should-be-MARVEL-ingGal 1:6
θαυμάζωνθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ο[υ]ν[τ]·^pres act ptcp mas nom sgwhile MARVEL-ing (nom)Lk 24:12
θαυμάσαιθαυμάζωθαυμα·σαι1aor act inf or 1aor mp imp 2nd sg or 1aor act opt 3rd sgto-MARVEL, be-you(sg)-MARVEL-ed!, he/she/it-happens-to-MARVEL (opt)Mt 15:31
θαυμάσαντεςθαυμάζωθαυμα·σαντ·ες1aor act ptcp mas nom|voc plupon MARVEL-ing (nom|voc)Lk 20:26
θαυμάσατεθαυμάζωθαυμα·σατε1aor act imp 2nd pldo-MARVEL-you(pl)!Acts 13:41
θαυμάσῃςθαυμάζωθαυμα·σῃς1aor act sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-should-MARVELJn 3:7
θαυμασθῆναιθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θηναιaor θη infto-be-MARVEL-ed2Thes 1:10
θαυμασθήσονταιθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θησονταιfut θη ind 3rd plthey-will-be-MARVEL-edRv 17:8
θαυμάσονταιθαυμάζωθαυμα·σονταιfut mp ind 3rd plthey-will-be-MARVEL-edRv 17:8

Inflections: 21
Total occurrences: 50

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐθαυμάζετοθαυμάζωε·θαυμαζ·ετοimpf mp ind 3rd sghe/she/it-was-being-MARVEL-ed4Mc 6:11
ἐθαύμαζονθαυμάζωε·θαυμαζ·ονimpf act ind 1st sg or impf act ind 3rd plI-was-MARVEL-ing, they-were-MARVEL-ingJdt 10:19, TbBA 11:16, DnTh 8:27
ἐθαύμασαθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-MARVEL-edDnOG 4:17a
ἐθαύμασάθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-MARVEL-edGn 19:21
ἐθαύμασανθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σαν1aor act ind 3rd plthey-MARVEL-edJdt 10:7, Jdt 10:23, Jdt 11:20, TbS 11:16, 4Mc 17:16, 4Mc 17:17, Ps 47:6, Jb 42:11, Wsd 11:14
ἐθαύμασαςθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σας1aor act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-MARVEL-edJb 22:8
ἐθαύμασεθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-MARVEL-edDnOG 3:91
ἐθαύμασενθαυμάζωε·θαυμα·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-MARVEL-edDnOG 4:19, DnTh 3:91
ἐθαυμάσθησανθαυμάζωε·θαυμασ·θησανaor θη ind 3rd plthey-were-MARVEL-ed4Mc 18:3
θαύμαζεθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·εpres act imp 2nd sgbe-you(sg)-MARVEL-ing!Sir 7:29, Sir 11:21
θαυμάζειθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ειpres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-is-MARVEL-ing, you(sg)-are-being-MARVEL-ed (classical)Dt 10:17
θαυμάζετεθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ετεpres act ind 2nd pl or pres act imp 2nd plyou(pl)-are-MARVEL-ing, be-you(pl)-MARVEL-ing!Is 52:5
θαυμάζομενθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ομενpres act ind 1st plwe-are-MARVEL-ingSir 43:24
θαυμαζόμενονθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ομεν·ονpres mp ptcp mas acc sg or pres mp ptcp neu nom|acc|voc sgwhile being-MARVEL-ed (acc, nom|acc|voc)Est 4:17c
θαυμάζονταςθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ο[υ]ντ·αςpres act ptcp mas acc plwhile MARVEL-ing (acc)Is 9:14
θαυμάζοντεςθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ο[υ]ντ·εςpres act ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile MARVEL-ing (nom|voc)3Mc 5:39
θαυμάζωθαυμάζωθαυμαζ·ωpres act ind 1st sg or pres act sub 1st sgI-am-MARVEL-ing, I-should-be-MARVEL-ing4Mc 8:5
θαυμάσαιθαυμάζωθαυμα·σαι1aor act inf or 1aor mp imp 2nd sg or 1aor act opt 3rd sgto-MARVEL, be-you(sg)-MARVEL-ed!, he/she/it-happens-to-MARVEL (opt)2Chr 19:7, 2Mc 1:22, Prv 18:5, Jb 32:22
θαυμασάντωνθαυμάζωθαυμα·σαντων, θαυμα·σαντ·ων1aor act imp 3rd pl classical, 1aor act ptcp mas gen pl or 1aor act ptcp neu gen pllet-them-MARVEL! (classical), upon MARVEL-ing (gen)4Mc 9:26
θαυμάσαςθαυμάζωθαυμα·σα[ντ]·ς1aor act ptcp mas nom|voc sgupon MARVEL-ing (nom|voc)3Mc 1:10
θαυμάσατεθαυμάζωθαυμα·σατε1aor act imp 2nd pldo-MARVEL-you(pl)!Jb 21:5, Hb 1:5
θαυμάσειθαυμάζωθαυμα·σειfut act ind 3rd sg or fut mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-will-MARVEL, you(sg)-will-be-MARVEL-ed (classical)Dt 28:50, PsSol 2:18
θαυμάσειαςθαυμάζωθαυμα·σειας1aor act opt 2nd sg classicalyou(sg)-happen-to-MARVEL (classical opt)PsSol 5:13
θαυμάσειςθαυμάζωθαυμα·σειςfut act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-MARVELLv 19:15
θαυμάσετεθαυμάζωθαυμα·σετεfut act ind 2nd plyou(pl)-will-MARVELJb 13:10
θαυμάσῃςθαυμάζωθαυμα·σῃς1aor act sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-should-MARVELQoh 5:7, Sir 26:11, DnOG 6:13a
θαυμασθέντεςθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θε[ι]ντ·εςaor θη ptcp mas nom|voc plupon being-MARVEL-ed (nom|voc)4Mc 1:11
θαυμασθῆναιθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θηναιaor θη infto-be-MARVEL-edEst 4:17p, Jb 34:19
θαυμασθήσεσθεθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θησεσθεfut θη ind 2nd plyou(pl)-will-be-MARVEL-edIs 61:6
θαυμασθήσεταιθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θησεταιfut θη ind 3rd sghe/she/it-will-be-MARVEL-edSir 38:3
θαυμασθήσομαιθαυμάζωθαυμασ·θησομαιfut θη ind 1st sgI-will-be-MARVEL-edWsd 8:11
θαυμασόμεθαθαυμάζωθαυμα·σομεθαfut mp ind 1st plwe-will-be-MARVEL-edIs 41:23
θαυμάσονταιθαυμάζωθαυμα·σονταιfut mp ind 3rd plthey-will-be-MARVEL-edLv 26:32, Is 52:15, Jer 4:9
θαυμάσουσινθαυμάζωθαυμα·σουσι(ν), θαυμα·σου[ντ]·σι(ν)fut act ind 3rd pl, fut act ptcp mas dat pl or fut act ptcp neu dat plthey-will-MARVEL, going-to-MARVEL (fut ptcp) (dat)Is 14:16
τεθαύμακαςθαυμάζωτεθαυμα·καςperf act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-have-MARVEL-edJb 41:1
τεθαυμασμένοςθαυμάζωτεθαυμασ·μεν·οςperf mp ptcp mas nom sghaving-been-MARVEL-ed (nom)4Kgs 5:1

Inflections: 36
Total occurrences: 59

ἔκ·θαμβος -ον utterly astonished (adj.) hrotria
ἐκ+θαυμάζω to be stunned (v.)
θαυμάσιος -α -ον wonderful (adj.) excellent, marvelous
θαυμασιώ·τατος -η -ον [LXX] most amazing (adj.)
θαυμαστός -ή -όν wonderful (adj.) ὑγίειαν
θαυμαστόω [LXX] to magnify; to be regarded as a marvel (v.)
θαυμάζω to marvel (v.) /wonder-at/cause-amazement/surprise/shock/awe, be-impressed

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