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κοπιαω • KOPIAW • kopiaō

κοπιάω (κοπι(α)-, κοπια·σ-, κοπια·σ-, κεκοπια·κ-, -, -)



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Perseus Dictionary Entry (Liddell and Scott [and Jones]'s Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed., 1925-1940)


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κοπιάω means to toil, but can also mean, having toiled, to be exhausted:

Jn. 4:6: ἦν δὲ ἐκεῖ πηγὴ τοῦ Ἰακώβ. Ὁ οὖν Ἰησοῦς κεκοπιακὼς ἐκ τῆς ὁδοιπορίας ἐκαθέζετο οὕτως ἐπὶ τῇ πηγῇ. Ὥρα ἦν { ὡσεὶ ♦ ὡς } ἕκτη. [Jacob’s well was there, so Jesus, since he was tired from the journey, sat right down beside the well. It was about noon. (NET)]

Rv. 2:3: καὶ ὑπομονὴν ἔχεις καὶ ἐβάστασας διὰ τὸ ὄνομά μου καὶ { οὐκ ἐκοπίασας ♦ οὐ κεκοπίακες }. [I am also aware that you have persisted steadfastly, endured much for the sake of my name, and have not grown weary. (NET)]

Occurrences in the GNT

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐκοπίασακοπιάωε·κοπια·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-TOIL-ed1Cor 15:10, Phil 2:16
ἐκοπίασαςκοπιάωε·κοπια·σας1aor act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-TOIL-edRv 2:3
ἐκοπίασενκοπιάωε·κοπια·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-TOIL-edRom 16:6, Rom 16:12
κεκοπίακακοπιάωκεκοπια·καperf act ind 1st sgI-have-TOIL-edGal 4:11
κεκοπιάκασινκοπιάωκεκοπια·κασι(ν)perf act ind 3rd plthey-have-TOIL-edJn 4:38
κεκοπιάκατεκοπιάωκεκοπια·κατεperf act ind 2nd plyou(pl)-have-TOIL-edJn 4:38
κεκοπίακεςκοπιάωκεκοπια·κεςperf act ind 2nd sg altyou(sg)-have-TOIL-edRv 2:3
κεκοπιακὼςκοπιάωκεκοπια·κο[τ]·^ςperf act ptcp mas nom sghaving TOIL-ed (nom)Jn 4:6
κοπιᾷκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ει, κοπι(α)·ῃpres act ind 3rd sg or pres mp ind 2nd sg classical, pres mp ind 2nd sg or pres act sub 3rd sg or pres mp sub 2nd sghe/she/it-is-TOIL-ing, you(sg)-are-being-TOIL-ed, you(sg)-are-being-TOIL-ed (classical), he/she/it-should-be-TOIL-ing, you(sg)-should-be-being-TOIL-edMt 6:28, Lk 12:27
κοπιάσαντεςκοπιάωκοπια·σαντ·ες1aor act ptcp mas nom|voc plupon TOIL-ing (nom|voc)Lk 5:5
κοπιάτωκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ετωpres act imp 3rd sglet-him/her/it-be-TOIL-ing!Eph 4:28
κοπιῶκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ω, κοπι(α)·ουpres act ind 1st sg or pres act sub 1st sg, pres mp imp 2nd sgI-am-TOIL-ing, be-you(sg)-being-TOIL-ed!, I-should-be-TOIL-ingCol 1:29
κοπιῶμενκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ομεν, κοπι(α)·ωμενpres act ind 1st pl, pres act sub 1st plwe-are-TOIL-ing, we-should-be-TOIL-ing1Cor 4:12, 1Tm 4:10
κοπιῶντακοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·αpres act ptcp mas acc sg or pres act ptcp neu nom|acc|voc plwhile TOIL-ing (acc, nom|acc|voc)2Tm 2:6
κοπιῶνταςκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·αςpres act ptcp mas acc plwhile TOIL-ing (acc)Acts 20:35, 1Thes 5:12
κοπιῶντεςκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·εςpres act ptcp mas nom|voc plwhile TOIL-ing (nom|voc)Mt 11:28, 1Tm 5:17
κοπιῶντικοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·ιpres act ptcp mas dat sg or pres act ptcp neu dat sgwhile TOIL-ing (dat)1Cor 16:16
κοπιώσαςκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ουσ·αςpres act ptcp fem acc plwhile TOIL-ing (acc)Rom 16:12
κοπιῶσινκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ουσι(ν), κοπι(α)·ωσι(ν), κοπι(α)·ου[ντ]·σι(ν)pres act ind 3rd pl, pres act sub 3rd pl, pres act ptcp mas dat pl or pres act ptcp neu dat plthey-are-TOIL-ing, they-should-be-TOIL-ing, while TOIL-ing (dat)Mt 6:28

Inflections: 19
Total occurrences: 26

Occurrences in the LXX

InflectionLemmaUncontracted Form(s)ParsingTranslation(s)Verse(s)
ἐκοπίαςκοπιάωε·κοπι(α)·εςimpf act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-were-TOIL-ingDt 25:18
ἐκοπίασακοπιάωε·κοπια·σα1aor act ind 1st sgI-TOIL-edPs 6:7, Ps 68:4, Jb 2:9b, Sir 24:34, Sir 33:18, Sir 51:27, Is 49:4, Jer 17:16
ἐκοπιάσαμενκοπιάωε·κοπια·σαμεν1aor act ind 1st plwe-TOIL-edLam 5:5
ἐκοπίασανκοπιάωε·κοπια·σαν1aor act ind 3rd plthey-TOIL-ed1Mc 10:81, 4Mc 9:12, Ps 126:1, Sir 16:27, Is 63:13
ἐκοπίασαςκοπιάωε·κοπια·σας1aor act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-TOIL-edIs 47:15, Is 57:10
ἐκοπιάσατεκοπιάωε·κοπια·σατε1aor act ind 2nd plyou(pl)-TOIL-edJoB 24:13
ἐκοπίασενκοπιάωε·κοπια·σε(ν)1aor act ind 3rd sghe/she/it-TOIL-ed1Kgs 14:31, 1Kgs 17:39, 2Kgs 23:10, Jb 20:18, Jb 39:16, Sir 31:3, Sir 31:4, Is 16:12, Is 45:14
ἐκοπίωνκοπιάωε·κοπι(α)·ονimpf act ind 1st sg or impf act ind 3rd plI-was-TOIL-ing, they-were-TOIL-ing1Kgs 6:12
κεκοπίακαςκοπιάωκεκοπια·καςperf act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-have-TOIL-edIs 47:13
κοπιᾶσαίκοπιάωκοπι(α)·εσαι, κοπια·σαιpres mp ind 2nd sg alt, 1aor act inf or 1aor mp imp 2nd sg or 1aor act opt 3rd sgyou(sg)-are-being-TOIL-ed, to-TOIL, be-you(sg)-TOIL-ed!, he/she/it-happens-to-TOIL (opt)Is 43:22
κοπιάσεικοπιάωκοπια·σειfut act ind 3rd sg or fut mp ind 2nd sg classicalhe/she/it-will-TOIL, you(sg)-will-be-TOIL-ed (classical)2Kgs 23:7, Wsd 6:14, Is 40:28
κοπιάσειςκοπιάωκοπια·σειςfut act ind 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-TOILPrv 4:12, Sir 6:19
κοπιάσῃκοπιάωκοπια·σῃfut mp ind 2nd sg or 1aor act sub 3rd sg or 1aor mp sub 2nd sgyou(sg)-will-be-TOIL-ed, he/she/it-should-TOIL, you(sg)-should-be-TOIL-edWsd 9:10
κοπιάσουσινκοπιάωκοπια·σουσι(ν), κοπια·σου[ντ]·σι(ν)fut act ind 3rd pl, fut act ptcp mas dat pl or fut act ptcp neu dat plthey-will-TOIL, going-to-TOIL (fut ptcp) (dat)Is 5:27, Is 30:4, Is 31:3, Is 40:30, Is 40:31, Is 65:23, Jer 2:24, Jer 28:58
κοπιᾶτεκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ετε, κοπι(α)·ητεpres act ind 2nd pl or pres act imp 2nd pl, pres act sub 2nd plyou(pl)-are-TOIL-ing, be-you(pl)-TOIL-ing!, you(pl)-should-be-TOIL-ingSir 43:30
κοπιῶκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ω, κοπι(α)·ουpres act ind 1st sg or pres act sub 1st sg, pres mp imp 2nd sgI-am-TOIL-ing, be-you(sg)-being-TOIL-ed!, I-should-be-TOIL-ingIs 33:24
κοπιῶνκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ν[τ], κοπι(α)·ο[υ]ν[τ]·^pres act ptcp mas voc sg or pres act ptcp neu nom|acc|voc sg, pres act ptcp mas nom sgwhile TOIL-ing (nom, nom|acc|voc, voc)2Kgs 17:2, Sir 11:11
κοπιῶνταςκοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·αςpres act ptcp mas acc plwhile TOIL-ing (acc)Dt 25:18
κοπιῶντικοπιάωκοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·ιpres act ptcp mas dat sg or pres act ptcp neu dat sgwhile TOIL-ing (dat)Is 46:1
κοπιώντωνκοπιάωκοπι(α)·οντων, κοπι(α)·ο[υ]ντ·ωνpres act imp 3rd pl classical, pres act ptcp mas gen pl or pres act ptcp neu gen pllet-them-be-TOIL-ing! (classical), while TOIL-ing (gen)JgsB 5:26

Inflections: 20
Total occurrences: 51


ἀ·πρόσ·κοπος -ον inoffensive (adj.) lit. α προσ κοπος without toward stumbling, toil, striking
ἀργυρο·κόπος, -ου, ὁ silversmith (n.)
εὔ·κοπος -ον [LXX] easy (adj.)
εὐ·κοπώ·τερος -α -ον easier (adj.)
κοπάζω to abate (v.) [grow weary; toil, subside]
κοπιάω to toil (v.)
κόπος, -ου, ὁ labor/toil (n.)


ἀνα+κόπτω [LXX] to intercept (v.) halt something, stop something.
ἀπο+κόπτω to sever (v.)
ἐγ·κοπή, -ῆς, ἡ hindrance (n.)
ἐγ+κόπτω to thwart (v.)
ἐκ+κόπτω to cut down/off (v.) [extirpate]
κατα+κόπτω to slash (v.) [cut down]
κοπή, -ῆς, ἡ slaughter (n.)
προ·κοπή, -ῆς, ἡ progress (n.)
προ+κόπτω to advance (v.)
προσ·κοπή, -ῆς, ἡ offense (n.)
προσ+κόπτω to stumble (v.) /strike-against
κόπτω to thrash/strike (v.) [beat one's breast/head (in grief]

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